A frozen still life

Before today (and since my last post), life was generally gloriously, extravagantly, shatteringly boring. And then today, this happened:


Yup, snow. Day off school, my interview for the LIYSF suffered a similar fate, and so I was left to not do the schoolwork I’m supposed to, and take photographic monstrosities like the one above. More insults to photography can be found on my Flickr stream, if you’re so inclined.

Also, I’ve discovered a pretty groovy program called Spotify, that’s like internet radio, except you search for the songs you want. Here’s the link to download.

And that’s pretty much that from me. Oh, and kudos if you get the yet another obscure song lyric in the title :P.

13 thoughts on “A frozen still life

  1. I really like your photographs, Adam, particularly the hard close-ups and that picture of Benji, the cat.

    I used to be keen on photography myself- but nowadays, the multiple sclerosis that I suffer from has made my hands too shaky – plus I will very likey fall over when I look through the viewfinder.


  2. Well young and hansome Alice, there are some execellent photographs amongst this collection. Good enough for a calander or cards in my expert opinion.
    Perhaps you might consider selling some to assist the Piam Brown funds?

  3. Hello from Wales! What’s occurring?! Alright butt?

    What superb pictures! You really do have a talent for photography. I agree with Old Alice, i’m sure you could sell some of these. Perhaps some of the proceeds could go to Piam Brown AND / OR help feed your Amazon habit? LOL!

  4. I came on here not really expecting to see an update, but then saw one…even if I am 18 days late.
    You’re sounding worse than me with the self-negativity! I like your photos, especially the buddha one and since I’m always right you can’t disagree.
    Did you get my text today?

  5. Cool program, never knew that existed! Definitely going to start listening to that at work. Got myself an Archos 5 a few weeks ago, i’m sure you will be pleased that I didn’t buy the Sony video player. Enjoy your half term.

  6. Hey Adam
    How did the LIYSF meeting/interview go?! Well I hope. (I believe it happened yesterday.)
    Nice pics! Golly. Not only the snow shots, but I had not seen the other pics either. omg. + the pics of mum/dad and you are more up to date than the ones I have, so will update my family tree stuff.
    ta ta

  7. Hey wicked pics! i love the photographs of the black cat running across the crisp snow.:)

  8. Hi Adam. I was so pleased, and not a bit surprised, to hear about LIYSF. Absolutely fantastic. Love your pictures of the snow. And I want an english country garden with water cascading down in some hidden nook. Not much hope for that here as we appear to be in the middle of a drought.

  9. Nice pics.Managed to take the kids snow boarding in the fields around your way.Made some lame ass excuse to disappear for 2 minutes whilst they ran up and boarded down a hill,so funny when the kids pointed out on the walk back to van(like some sort of miracle) that my name was written in the snow !!!
    It’s an old cliche i know the best things in life are free,but their face’s were priceless 🙂

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