Large and black

Now be truthful, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you read this post title?

Anyway, I apologise for my rather bad-mooded post last night, I was in a bad mood for several reasons.

But finally something good has happened!

Unfortunately it’s not health-related (I can visualise the many people closing their browser windows as soon as they read that) but anyway, I’m happy enough to blog about it.

About a week ago, our TV borked (that is a word thank you Firefox, even if it’s not official, it means “broke” and I like its rather onomatopoeic quality). It wasn’t our main TV, but it had one rather important quality – it was the one my Wii was connected to.

So I was Wii-less.

As the TV in question was only 6 months old, we sent it back, got a refund and got a replacement. And it arrived yesterday!

It’s a 32″ Samsung HDTV, and it rocks. Zelda never looked so good, and I’m going to have to get down to some serious Zelda’ing I think.

There was a bit of a cafuffle (also a non-official word with onomatopoeic qualities…and just out as an aside, no, I didn’t use the Firefox spell checker to spell “onomatopoeic”)

. The Royal Mail obviously thought it would be funny to send it to Jersey instead of Guernsey (a different island, for the uninformed). I mean, the wrong address is acceptable, but the wrong island?!

Anyway, it’s here, and as expected, neither Mum nor Dad know how to work it. But that just means more for me =]

On the downside, I think I have a cold, which may in part be due to my immuno-suppression. It’s an annoyance, but it takes more than a cold to knock me out ;]

Oh, and I think the blogging system has the time zone wrong, apparently I’m writing this at 0539. So it’s 5 hours behind; I’ll have to figure out a way to get it to change to GMT.

2 thoughts on “Large and black

  1. You never fail to amuse me.
    I also picked up on something very subtle that you said…
    Now, I am insisting you let us go to your house and wii with you.
    Otherwise, how else will you show off your shiny new TV?

    PS My TV is 37″

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