I picked up the song and saw my picture…

…in the paper. What, I like Elliott Smith lyric references, they make me sound intelligent. Anyway, ’twas 34 days since I last posted, and since I figured you’d all be getting drunk and merry yesterday, I thought I’d post today.

Anyway, the actual point of the post. Last week I got a phone call from some random number.
“Hi, Shaun Shackleton here, from the Guernsey Press”
Trying to keep the words “Oh”, “Fuck”, “Rita” and “Skeeter” out of my head, I agreed to “have a chat” with him yesterday. Well, he wasn’t actually how I expected a Press guy to be on the phone – the first thing we talked about was Queens of the Stone Age, and he not only did he know them, but he knew the lead singer’s name. So I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.

I knew this blog has had a non-negligible number of hits, but I didn’t realise that its humble and rather-too-long URL had reached the offices of the local paper. Now I must admit that I don’t actually read the paper (newspapers are so 20th century), so to hear that someone from there had read some of my writing came as a bit of a surprise. I suppose I should feel honoured, though I suppose that it could also be a sign of their desperation for stuff to fill column inches. (Gripping headlines such as “Mrs. le Pelley outraged at missing milk delivery” are not unheard of.)

Anyway, yesterday, a bearded bloke rang our front doorbell, a smile on his face and a notebook in his hand. We sat down, had a cup of tea and he asked me some questions. It was almost like an interview.

And today, he returned with a guy with a camera, who took various photos of me doing various things. I’ve not actually seen the photos, so I have no idea what it’ll look like, and I’m not entirely sure if I want to know. Anyway, those of you reading this who are privileged enough to be within the Guernsey Press’s circulation may see my ugly mug wasting otherwise perfectly good newspaper some time in the near future.

That isn’t all though. The eagle-eyed of you may have spotted Tricia’s comment on my previous blog post (essentially, the QOTSA concert tickets didn’t constitute my “wish”, so I could still wish for something. Don’t ask why, because I don’t know). I thought she was joking, but the forms actually did arrive in the post, so I “wished” for a new camera, not expecting to hear from The Powers That Be for a while. But along with Shaun and his photographer buddy (sorry, didn’t catch your name) someone arrived with a carrier bag containing a brand new camera. That, along with the fact that I only have one more chemo trip to Southampton to go (on April fools’ day…not worked out the significance of that) certainly means the future’s looking bright, if not orange.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, the reporter also brought round a local band’s album that he thought I’d like. He was right, so if you’re into Kyuss, QOTSA, Unida or similar bands, check out Teaspoonriverneck.

21 thoughts on “I picked up the song and saw my picture…

  1. I met up with a friend of mine from Durham this weekend and she told me that she had followed the link on Facebook for Uncle Nick’s run and subsequently stumbled upon this little gem. She said she was shocked to find it very very funny. I don’t know why she was so surprised. I like to think that you got your quick wit and charm after years of worshipping your sister. 😉

    Glad that your story is being heard – it’s really been quite a year and i’m not sure how you’ve done it (or Mum or Dad for that matter!!) Nearly there boyo. Ironically your last chemo marks the year, almost to the day, that the ‘C’ word first entered our lives – how about that for poetic justice…! See you Thursday stinks xxx

  2. You are so being stuck up on my wall. (not literally of course). nice reference to the milk, although i’ll have you know none of my family have ever complained to the press about milk deliveries!
    Anyways, all the college kids (Ladies and Elizabeth) from ye want to donate the money from our final profits to clic. (y) so hopefully… they will get some money.
    Love to you and the moose (i miss him)

  3. Adam,

    That’s amazing news about the camera – very well deserved! Where are we likely to see photo’s taken with this posh new camera? If you are struggling for a muse, I might be able to persuade Big Alice to agree to an exclusive shoot… although, if a wide angle lens wasn’t included, this may be out of the question!

    For those that haven’t been to Guernsey, I would just like to emphasise the significance of Adam’s recent news appearance. Last time I was in Guernsey, I watched the evening news… all very serious – Terrorist attacks, updates on ‘progress’ in Iraq, blah, blah, blah! This was followed by ‘news where you are’ [VERY DRAMATIC MUSIC]…. ‘Good evening and welcome to Spotlight Channel Islands’ (for those of you who have never seen Channel Island news, this is where all conformity to the norm ends). ‘TONIGHT’S MAIN STORY… At least 4 islanders (probably including Mrs le Pelley) didn’t receive their milk this morning, the dairy have apologised for any inconvenience caused…’. LOL!

    I have never been able to watch an entire broadcast as I am usually laughing too hard at the first story. From a ‘main-land’ perspective it’s hard to believe that ‘Mrs le Pelley’s missing milk’ could actually be headline news – but in Guernsey this is a very serious matter indeed!

    So, what I am trying to say (‘Cordammy’ i’m long winded eh?!) is with your amazing battle / story you are going to become somewhat of a local celebrity, a breathe of fresh air to island news readers. Who knows, you may even knock Mrs le Pelley and her crusty milk off top spot for a change! ;-P

    Talk soon,


    P.S. – Alex, nice to see you haven’t forgotten your Welsh roots ‘boyo’! Where did that come from? LOL! And as for the ‘quick wit and charm’… i’ll leave that one open for Adam! Hope your enjoying Guildford! DSB

  4. P.S. Adam, if you find a link to your story please let us all know. Maybe post it on your blog?!

  5. Yo yo yo B Boy Snake Dogg G,

    Man, thats madness! (thats spartaaa)!
    Good for you bro, you’re gonna get a limo and bodygards and stuff!

    Cheers for teaspoon. You never told me about the origin (we’ll you did, but not about the press).

    What kind of camera do you have btw? – Thats so awesome!! You should also request a coat made of human skin – That would also be awesome. And lazers – There cool too.


    I’m off school on friday so we should go and cause anarchy by steeling peoples milk and stuff! – Let me know man!

    Keep it cool,

    (btw, do you get a feed to these comments?)

  6. Email notifications dude.

    Nikon D60 with a zoom(ish) lens. I like it, D40x chassis with some pro features (Y).

    And Facebook? Nevarrrr!

  7. I hope you mentioned Vicky in your interview and the times you have spent sharing the same room during chemo! Also the times I have spent sleeping with your father!

    It’s great to hear you have now become famous and look forward to recieving a copy of the paper.

    PB seem to be playing you and Vicky off against each other and at the moment she is in the lead.

    lots of love

    Mama TT

  8. Oh Doctor I’m in trouble!! Mama Moose does not need to take revenge as she knows all about it, but she’s welcome to Tim’s snoring.

    Mama TT

  9. Cj’sye en amas fiar de tavé vaïe onnier. J’espère que t’eras des bouanes nouvelles quand tu visiteras l’Angllietaire venderdi. A la perchoine ton grand-père. Le vaier Bob. J’t’embrasse.

  10. Saw you today!! That article was legend. Not as legend as you of course 🙂
    Just come back from french exchange, and the town where we were staying had a mascot…. guess what it was….
    yes! A UNICORN. they had statues and pictures everywhere. (RO would have been in rapture) I took some photos for you to work your magic on 😀 (that’s no april fools joke)
    Take care and see you for proper soon – I’ll bring the milk 😀
    take care! xxx

  11. And we are officially donating our ye money to cancer research and clic. it won’t be millions but i hope it will make a difference xxx

  12. Hey man,
    Saw the article in the press and the pictures don’t look too bad ;p
    Great news about the camera it looks awesome, is that a sigma lens on it i spot? my dad said you can borrow some of our lenses if you want sometime, we are building up quite an array 😀
    Finally your last Chemo is over! I hope thats good news for you. Hope you’re feeling good,

  13. Nice to see the clip in the Press and pleased to see it wasn’t between the bit bout a cat up a tree and 2 lts of blue milk going missing…..Not that i know much about camera’s but i bet that new one you got is the mut’s nut’s,i think Hugh Hefner is looking for an up and coming photographer!
    Get a riff sorted for the lyrics-pressed-and in the shops.

  14. No Jan, he looks like he means business. they were great pictures x

  15. It was business time. Though I’ll have to disagree about the pictures :P.

    Jan: It’s a Nikkor 18-200mm lens, so I’m pretty much covered :P. Thanks for the offer though. I just can’t be bothered with lens swapping (and lugging them around).

  16. Hey there Adam, did you create the Gilly in Berlin photo? You should create one for Ben with a humped pelican crossing theme. We were really glad to get a chance to see all of you in Southampton. We’ll look forward to the next visit away from the attachments, blinking lights and beeping sounds. So glad you are done with the chemo. Quite a marathon. Tougher than the Olympics.

    Spoke to Doctor Rockit today. Do you know, until today, when he sent me an email with a photo of his band, and I saw it written for the first time, I thought it was Dr. Rocket and had something to do with his energy level. Can’t believe it, 2 budding rock stars in the family. Get him to send you the picture – such a poser!

    Thank your Mum for sending the newspaper article. We thought it was a great. I expect it has greatly expanded your fan club.

    Much love from the California crew.

  17. You are right, it _has_ been “Dr Rocket” for the last 15 years sistah (it started at work) but now that I’m “in a band” I have to change my image. You’re right again, it can only be mid-life crisis ha Well that requires change – will start with the name, the leather can come later. So, I think “Dr Rockit” is now in. Spose I could go for “Susan” but… don’t have the guts yet. Baby.

    Adam! 1st things 1st man. How many mega pixels you got then? I think you now have a big one no? ( keep it clean ) Please post lots of pics. Suggest you consider installing a datacenter next to store all those terabytes…. I will consider coming over to manage it – so make me an offer.

    And another thing. That island of yours. I have visited many times. I have even camped out in a field there. This milk thing that’s been discussed urp aberv…. well I like all that full-fat milk, the ‘our cream is creamier that yours’ and ‘yellower than yellow” stuff, but where does it all come from? How come I have never seen 1 bloody cow on the island then?

    Fantastic article! We are very very pleased to see you up and about Adam. Your mom/mum sent over the cutting, well it wasn’t a cutting but the middle pages spread. Pages 24 and 25 to be precise, with an advert for Menu Brasserie Tel 264324 serving Indian and Chinese help yourself self service for 13.50 (adults) 6.95 (children) 5.00pm-10pm, 7 days a week on page 26. We’d have to dial 011 44 1481 264324 from here, prefixing a further 9 if I did it from work. 😎

    And it’s also wonderful that you have had your last chemo. Thank you.

    I do hope we get to see you soon. Nice if you could be here to help me build a new overclocked asus p5e3 x38, [email protected], 7-7-7-20 [email protected], 8800 gtx, sata3 raid over the next few weeks. tomshardware indicates marginal perf increase for the money but i’ll be happy with marginal. Will try unix now – am getting tired of microsoft. It would be a lot of fun to do that wit chu. Funnily enuf not a gaming PC for Ariff but a workhorse for me. Should be good spec for say… 1 year?!

    Tell your mom that her written Malay is good. I don’t know what she is saying but it does look good ha

    Lots of lerv from the New England gang!
    JAMS xxxx

  18. Nice specs, but I’d wait for the Bloomfield quad cores (or even the Westmere 8 cores if you’re really going for it). 3.2 GHz, 45nm process, yum. And 8800GTX? Hello, the 9800s are out, get with the times :P.

    I’m running Linux Mint (read: Ubuntu with some pre-installed apps) at the moment on my laptop, and very happy I am with it too.

  19. Think this blog should be called ‘the one with all the languages’. Seriously how many languages can you fit into one post? Ummmm let me think….Guernsey French, Malay, Computer-chat, American…………….>!<

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