I can’t be arsed to think of a relevant song reference

This entry might seem a little belated. Thinking about it, it is almost two weeks after I should have written it. But time is all how one perceives it, a meandering river that both trickles gently over the flattest planes and surges down the most turbulent of rapids.

Check that out for a deep, metaphorical and intriguing introduction *ahem*. Anyway, it does actually link into this post somewhat. Of course, Albert Einstein summed up what I meant much better: “When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it’s longer than any hour.” Einstein would have to do it better, what with his relativity and his moustache and his hair. Bloody Germans.

But I digress. You may be wondering what on earth I’m rambling on about this time. Well, a few months ago a friend of mine said how the past year had “flown by”. I, still very much in the chemo regime, thought “speak for yourself”. Now, however, it is my turn to look back over the past however-many-months and say, as Neo did as only Keanu Reeves can, “Woah”. For (and here comes the crux of this post) chemo is finished. There were times, looking back, that I thought that this point would never come, but it has. It seems that I have (if you’ll excuse the cliché) reached the light at the end of what was an extremely long and twisting tunnel (I swear it corkscrewed a few times too). And, luckily, the light at the end was not a train, as it sometimes is (pancreatitis anyone?).

The word “relief” doesn’t quite cut it, really. It’s like, as I found out at lunchtime today, trying to cut bread with a butter knife. It just doesn’t cut it. I’m no longer a “cancer patient”. I’m no longer one of those poor souls who have to go in to have that toxic chemo crap pumped into them. Of course, give it a couple of weeks and I’ll be bitching about physio, but for now, STONE FREE! (Hendrix, for the unfortunately uninitiated).

My aforementioned newspaper article was finally published, as no doubt you all will know, from the different destinations I’ve seen it being posted to. Shaun, if you’re reading this, thanks, it was a great article, but did the pictures have to be quite that big? :P. Part of the reason I enjoy photography is that I’m rarely featured in any photo, and there were three whopping great ones on the double page spread. Thanks, Mr. Photographer. I was also described as a “powerhouse drummer”, though I think I’ll take that as a compliment.

Other than that, I’m just relishing the time available now that I can spend playing Mario Kart and not doing schoolwork. But, as time marches on (the clichés really are coming in thick and fast today), I guess I’ll have to make use of the…generous assortment of textbooks provided by the College. Out of the frying pan and into the textbooks? Hmm, I’m not convinced that that will stick (especially if the frying pan’s teflon coated…sorry, that was poor), but I guess time will tell.

I think this post has been an exercise in cramming as many stupid idioms into a piece of writing as possible. But oh well, I don’t care. I don’t have cancer.

14 thoughts on “I can’t be arsed to think of a relevant song reference

  1. Legend (you’re not bad either) xxx p.s. go clean your teeth. Seriously, you don’t want to be a’bitching about dentists as well as physio!

  2. Thanks for yet another great post! Have you ever thought about writing professionally? I think you’d be excellent and you already have a large readership.

    I am sooo pleased you have finished your chemo! Your perserverance paid off!! Well done!


  3. Hi Adam
    Glad to hear your treatments over.Thanks for putting so called everday problems into prospective. Life was never meant to be easy but no one needs it to be so hard. You have proved it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to what happens. Best wishes to you in now and in the future.
    Regards Nigel

  4. Huzzah!!! I can’t even closely imagine what it is like to have chemo and then be done with it but I can guess that it borders on divine. Truly happy news. As for news, is there somehow we can see all those beautiful pictures of you and the article online without paying 10 pounds (thats a lot of $ right now)? And I hope the end of the chemo doesn’t mean the end of your posts. They really are good reads… even the cliches. Keep em coming. And if you do desire a holiday, I’ve heard California’s nice around this time of the year. Just a suggestion, but no hurt feelings if you pick the Bahamas or some sort instead. Again congratulations. I don’t know if you think of it this way but all of this is quite an achievement. Huzzah!

  5. We hope the camera is still working like a dream?

    We are so pleased that your chemo is finished.

    You take good care of yourself.

    Best Wishes

    all the team at
    Round Table Children’s Wish

  6. do you remember articulate?? three letter creature…. begins with a…. insect…. adam and the …..
    and he still didn’t get it.
    sorry digression. 😀 ooooo CADILLAC.

  7. thanks Jack I just lost the game 🙁

    Adam can you come see us at lunchtimes? (you can bring Mario Kart along, that’d be very much appreciated. My brother got it on the Wii yesterday :D).

    Time, a turbulent river, haha
    liking that one man.

    please keep it up. just because you are on the mend now doesn’t mean you’re not interesting, it’s great reading, seriously.

    take care

  8. No worries about the article, glad you liked it and glad to see the chemo has ended.
    I’ve got Teaspoonriverneck’s new un for you and I’ll drop it up soon.
    Here’s to seeing Army Filed Chicken live this summer, eh?

    All the best

  9. Shan’t be at the hospital Wed and Thurs so shall miss seeing you so just as well I have the blog to keep me posted(you must keep it up).So sorry to hear the dreaded pancreatitis has been back but I’ve heard all about the exciting monkfish diet.Hope all tests etc go ok This week

  10. I’m bored bored bored bored bored. And you’re not doing *anything* to entertain me. Where’s the distraction when I need it eh?

  11. Happy birthday Adam! I believe you are at the 7th prime number, and XL tells me you are also 6,210 days old ha. You have done quite a lot in your time, and we’re all looking forward to much more. Hope mum and dad relent and cook you bacon and egg as a treat…. Lerv from J.A.M.S. xxxx

  12. I’m glad to see you’re keeping up with the blog, I never get bored of it (mostly because it is different each time you write something |: duh). I really loved the article in the paper, it was mostly amusing to see all the censoring in the quote of the entry from your blog and the song lyrics.
    I can remember when you were telling me and Aiméekin that you might have cancer and I said “don’t have cancer”, but then you did and it was kind of like..whoa, but now you don’t and I think that even though you don’t want to have a party, it is certainly something that should happen eventually. Even if we have to force you to come. I dreamt you had a party so it must come true!

  13. 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes, don’t stop writing these blogs, they are fun to read. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on here before! I agree with Emor about the party…I also think we must all play Monopoly one night partly for Emor’s sake.


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