…I’ve seen trouble all my days

I had a genuine dilemma when sitting down to write this blog post. I’ve experienced another kind of toilet since the last post, and that seemed to be effective last time; but I don’t want to be accused of a toilet fetish, and to be honest, relying on the same introduction is a bit lame. Not to mention slightly nauseating.

So, to great personal distress, I decided to omit my experiences with the commode (the English meaning, not the French), and instead just write without mentioning any more defecation.

I’d forgotten how crap chemotherapy feels. A few posts ago, I spoke of the surgeon guy going away this month, meaning I’d have the operation early and hopefully miss out one “VIDE” chemotherapy treatment. However, it seems I’d been slightly misled. Yes, the surgeon was going away this October, so I did have the operation early…but that didn’t mean I got to miss that last chemo treatment. So instead of having 5 chemos, surgery, then moving on to the next stage in the treatment, it was 5 chemos, surgery, then another chemo for good measure before moving on.

If you didn’t quite get all that, it’s not that important, it just means that just under 2 weeks after I had surgery (when I wrote the last post), I was knocked down (pretty literally) with the worst course of chemo I’ve had so far, which I wasn’t really expecting. It just sucks really, because at least pre-surgery I could walk around without limping, but it seems that the only advantage that the chemo held has been taken away.

Anyway, I’m not going to get all down and angsty, but I will show you a couple of photos that you might find interesting:


Private plane

Private plane

It was a surreal experience, coming back. From NHS food and chemo, I was ushered onto a private plane (I shit you not), put into an ambulance, went into the PEH for a blood transfusion (where I had a fillet steak, no less), then came home, where I am currently typing this. It was like being transferred from St. Margaret’s Lodge to The Ritz. This has been full of completely surreal experiences from start to (I’d like to say finish, but I can’t) now.

The good news is that the report that came back from the bit of bone they removed said they found that “over 90%” of the tumour had been killed by the chemo, so I guess all the crap was worth it. It also means that I get to go onto a slightly less toxic form of chemo from now on, and one that hopefully won’t aggravate my epilepsy as much (which is the last thing you want with a dodgy hip).

Meanwhile, my parents have been awesome, converting our spare room into a hospital-like room, raiding St. John’s even to get stuff like a bed that raises up and down so I can get in and out more easily. It’s pretty damn cool, I must say, but it’s too tempting to play with it than actually do stuff I’m supposed to be doing.

Talking of stuff I should be doing, there’s a pile of textbooks a good few inches thick that the college have been kind enough to provide me with. When I get bored, I can always turn to “Structure, Bonding and Main Group Chemistry” to occupy my time >_<. A couple of you have sent me emails, which is great =D. Otherwise, I got something like 7 comments in 4 days on the last post, which "experienced bloggers" would sneer down at, but it made me happy =].

12 thoughts on “…I’ve seen trouble all my days

  1. ooo,that xray looks cool (couse having an au-natural leg would be nice, but you know what i mean), you should get a big copy. also i bet having a private plane is nice, i expect it didnt get delayed? its good to keep hearing from you. And yay (that was a totally straight yay, heterosexual men can say yay) for the reduction in poison! that must be nice. Cant wait till you are back to normal and you dont have to have poison pumped into you. [insert witty comment about something] (sorry, but its quarter past one!)

  2. Giiiiiiillllyyyyy!
    That whole private aeroplane thing looks so cool (it would be cooler if I weren’t afraid of planes, but nonetheless it is cool) and I’m glad you’re getting back on your feet…er…as it were.
    I’m glad you’re able to keep updating your blog too ’cause it’s my only way to keep up with what you’re doing and I’m just drowning in text books, as you are too.
    I hope you’ll be able to see us closer to christmas because I reckon a party is what we all deserve (particularly you) and just maybe you might get close to someone (like Mike) under the misteltoe, hahaha.

    PS it is the Otto’s birthday today

  3. Oh and my stupid self forgot to say, COOL (seriously amazingly cool) X ray, I am so impressed by your now metallic structure.
    Also, are we able to text you on your usual number?

  4. Getting onto that plane looks rather precarious. So glad to see you are back home and blogging and that your sense of humor remains firmly intact. “You the man”, as they say here. Lots of love, Liz

  5. Can’t believe i’m on the other side of the channel and you’re STILL able to take the piss out of me! And there’s little way of returning such compliments….get back on MSN so I can properly get my own back!!!!!!! Can you also ask Dad if he’s time to take a picture of the michaelmas daisies – was going to have a go but ran out of time (no Gardener’s World puns intended).And try and usher the cat back in the house – he was beginning to look rather pathetic from the other side of the window. And SHUFFLE anti-clockwise. Oh, and while i’m at it….don’t wind mum and dad up too much (well at least refrain till I’m there). love ya stinks, Sis xxx

  6. Hey adam,

    Sounds like your hanging in there well, the plane looked pretty cool! I’m glad your back at home for a bit and keeping your sense of humour too.
    I’ll catch up with you when you are next in Southampton
    Lizzie (CLICSargent youthworker)

  7. Hey Adam,

    You don’t know me but I work with Liz Palmquist (Aunt) and she’s told us all about you. (All good things don’t you worry). I just wanted to stop in and say I checked out your page and you did an awesome job setting this all up.

    I can never imagine what your going thru but know that your in my thoughts and prayers kid. Thru it all stay motivated and keep focused and you will get thru this. Keep God close and you’ll find an inner strength and comfort to get you thru the day.

  8. Hey Adam. Nice pic of your bionicus-limbus verticulous. D’you know, me thinks that that prop of that plane could be made from the same stuff, cause it sure don’t look like a poxy wooden bi-plane hey! So, was thinking about your ‘doc on holiday’ experiences, that whilst everybody seems to be doing procedures on you, that you are actually going through a process. And one that is so machiavellian and twisted to test your sanity. It’s a little devil. Beat the bugger! ummm, getting a bit heavy…. pop the stack, pop the stack! Oh yes, so England play South Africa today, and we don’t have cable or satellite. So I’m buggered really. Will have to walk the neighbourhood to peek through someone elses window. The leaves are turning here in New England, so I think I will wear red and orange to blend in. BFN Uncle John (aka Dr Rocket at my work)

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