In Memoriam

It can all happen in a few seconds. The screech of tyres, the thump on the bumper, the stain of blood on the road; and there ends 6 years of an otherwise happy (and largely overfed) life.

Yes, my cat’s number was finally up a few days ago. His last few days weren’t the best of his life either, poor thing, having been transferred from the “cat hotel” place (I don’t know, a cattery?) for our trip to Stanmore straight to the vet, for his apparently overdue vaccinations. An experience I can relate to myself, so I can understand why he was reluctant to even come near the house for the last few days before he died. So, this blog post is dedicated to him, and his overly large stomach.

The rather melancholy mood of this post has just been added to by England losing the World Cup (that was so blatantly a try, stupid video referee). The only saving grace is that I’m in the comfort of my own living room to watch it. Since around Friday (the 12th) I’d been in the local hospital, my temperature spiking up and down and being given IV antibiotics. It wasn’t all that bad though, I managed to see some friends for the first time in what seems like ages, which was good; but kind of anticlimactic – it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy seeing them, but I’d have so much preferred to have not been in a hospital bed. Maybe anticlimactic isn’t the word; maybe it’s more that I was expecting some big event, seeing people I hadn’t seen in such a long time. But it just seemed like there hadn’t been a time gap at all, which was weird, and not really what I expected. But anyway, they let me out today, and to celebrate I thought I’d sit down and write a blog entry. Ah, the life I lead.

Wow, reading through the above paragraph, I really don’t make sense at times. Anyway, although I’m at home for now, I’m off to Southampton again for (you guessed it) more chemo. This time it’s of a different kind (VAC instead of VIDE, for those interested). It’s the post-op version of the chemo, and because I was in the “good responders” group (i.e. over 90% of the tumour was killed by the VIDE crap) I get to have it. It’s supposed to be less toxic and have fewer side-effects, but only time will tell about that. The key difference is the “C” instead of the “I” – “C” stands for (spelling guesses coming up) cyclophosphamide; “I” for iphosphamide. The former is an older, less effective drug, but has fewer side effects than its newer cousin. One of the most important differences is that cyclophosphamide (the older drug I’ll be getting) doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier, or so I’m told; whereas iphosphamide does. Now, when you consider that I have epilepsy, that could be quite an important fact.

Actually, reading the previous two paragraphs, there may well be many people (hah, many, I could probably count the people who read this on one hand) who’ve just skipped to a paragraph that looks like it’s going to make sense. This one looks more promising, so to those people, welcome back to the blog post. Anyway, I ought to go, Dad’s in a bit of a bad mood after England losing. Oh well, there’s always Lewis Hamilton tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Nooooooo!!! Oh, I’m so sad Benji died ): and I’m sorry that I wasn’t entertaining at the hospital, I think my mojo has been stolen or something. I mean…resorting to talking about Neighbours…deary deary me. Well I certainly hope we can all have some sort of gathering soon and I agree that glowsticks are a must.
    I haven’t slept since friday night so I really am too drowsy to either make sense or be able to think of anything encouraging to say. xx PS Canada was awesome and PPS sorry if this posts several times, it’s being a git.

  2. Hullo. Sorry about Benji. He must have been much loved. Vomiting in Alex’s bed. Haha that must have been a little brother’s dream pet. I’m also very sorry for not blogging before this. No excuse really. I certainly haven’t forgotten about you. Sorry about the world cup too. If it makes you feel any better our football (real football) team has gone from undefeated and number 2 in the nation to 5-3 and unranked. Glad to see your friends are staying in touch too. And I don’t know about you but I count at least nine people blogging so unless that chemos making you grow extra fingers you’ve got more support than you realize (although extra fingers would be pretty cool–think of the chords you could play. On that note I’m loving the music too. Glad to see its not all British. After all we did invent pretty much all of your music). Finally much impressed by the sense of humor. The doctors going from “ers” and “ums” to “oh-shits.” I don’t know how you make cancer funny but keep it up. In exchange I’ll be sure to keep up my blogs. Sorry about this one being so long. Just trying to make up for lost time.

    Much Love, Nick.

  3. hey man where have you up date…no new song? You may be having more chemo right? Hang on in there. We will watch this space. Take care.

  4. I saw the cutest little bunny rabbit today at the pet shop Adam……..mmmm…. fancy a rabbit….no not in a pie!

  5. There is no ‘dirt’ to be ‘dished’ thank you very much. Nothin’. Nada. Schtum. Gill, you wait till I see you next… AND NO FURTHER COMMENTS ON BRAMBLES and/or SKIRTS please. (*rolls eyes*)

  6. Hi Adam, Perhaps this will catch you between trips to the mainland. We are thinking of you. Hope you will feel up to blogging again soon. Hugs and kisses.

  7. I keep checking for an update!Sorry I missed you last time you were over – hope to catch up on ur next visit.

  8. (my bad for taking ages to leave comment) damn, sucks about your cat. still thinking about you (in a totally straight way…*shifty eyes*) we need to catch up, i will send an email.

  9. Hi Adam

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now but have never left a message for you.

    You might remember me from teaching your violent and raging mother singing a few years back?

    I do enjoy your writing and think you have a gift for it, the song too was inspirational (I have grade 1 guitar and still play one of the pieces when slightly drunk) and I’m very impressed that you’ve been in a private plane!

    Anyway, my best wishes to you and your family.


  10. Hi Adam,

    Your fan club is waiting for a word from you. Talk to us oh great one. We want your reflections.


  11. Hullo. Hope you’re doing well but we do need you to come back, at least I do. I believe someone is using my alias to extract information regarding your sister. This shan’t go unpunished. So I need your administrative powers to put the kibosh on these dealings, wot wot. So hurry back ya bloke, please.

  12. I’m not sure I believe you “Nick”…although Adam’s been fishing for about 2 months now…………………. keep fishin’ dumski, keep fishin’

  13. Very sad about Benji 8-(
    Wasn’t he the one who put a tennis ball under the dinner table that I was rolling my foot over for 15 mins cause it felt nice and soft? Though it turned to be a rabbits head. He had a good sense of humour did that Benji.
    Meanwhile Beckham’s been doing well over here. Been teaching Galaxy how to best apply hairspray.
    The snow just arrived over here in CT, so have been practicing VW handbrake turns in the driveway. Mrs Jeff not happy. Ariff and Safi appreciate the patterns. I can always count on them for support.
    Saw a small house yesterday that had 5 kitchens in it! Amazing. There was Mr Kitchen, Mrs Kitchen, …..and da 3 kids. boom boom. xxxxx

  14. Dear Englander,
    It was a try!!! and I’m very sorry about your cat… any more news on your chemo? how come you haven’t written anything in a while?

    With love from south africa!!

  15. Hi Adam,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and I was wondering how things are going because you haven’t posted anything in a long time.
    Really hope you’re ok and have a very merry christmas

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