High times

Well, I’ve just had the last chemotherapy session for 6 weeks, so I guess it’s time to update the blog. Various things to report really.

My chemo plan consists of 6 sessions of “VIDE” chemotherapy (with a 3 week recovery time between each), then a gap, then surgery, then some more chemotherapy. It turns out the surgeon’s on holiday when I was scheduled to have the op, so they’ve decided to scrap the 6th “VIDE” and push the surgery forward to Septermber the 17th (I think).

This is pretty damn cool, as it means that as I’ve just had my fifth VIDE, I’ve got 6 weeks before I have to have that horrible crap pumped through me again. Of course, I will be recovering from a major operation in part of that time, but it does feel good. I’m going back to Southampton next week so they can harvest some stem cells from me in case they’re needed after the operation, but other than that I shouldn’t need any time in hospital for more than just routine checks in Guernsey for weeks =D.

My video that I was talking about has now finally made its way onto jimmyteenstv (I guess I better give you the link, having been blabbering on about it for the last few posts). This means you can all now watch and laugh at me making an arse of myself attempting to play the guitar. Ah well, I like to think I can laugh at myself too, so go ahead and have fun with it :P.

I also got my GCSE results yesterday. I was resigned to getting just A’s or below, as I hadn’t sat most of the exams, but it appears the gods of GCSE grading were smiling upon me on the day of results, so I ended up with 10 A*’s, an A and a B, but I might conveniently forget that đŸ˜›. So yeah, not too shabby if I do say so myself, though I do kind of wish I could have sat all the exams, just to really prove it to myself and everyone else that I am capable of what I got. Having said that, there is a lot of thought that goes into giving predicted grades (obviously not with that B though, that must have been a mistake :P), so I guess I did as well as I could have hoped, really.

So that’s that really, things are going well, and some luck finally went my way =].

Edit: Lyrics are up

6 thoughts on “High times

  1. I don’t have the opportunity to watch the video right now because I don’t think you’d want me to share it with my family (or you might…I don’t know).
    But I promise to watch it!
    I was really glad when you told me your results, you really deserve them (but not the B). I hope we can have a GCSE results party some time and you better come to it.
    Also, I’m glad you don’t have to do the chemo, perhaps it’ll mean you can see us!

  2. i highlighted the lyrics like you said and i’m shocked!!
    ps mum says she isn’t as she taught you to swear.

  3. hello Adam. how you ovulating?!?!?! sorry couldn’t resist! kl site. but I’m going to beat you on the stem cell harvest! xxx

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