Rawr, update

Hmm, I haven’t written on this thing for over a week; I guess I should update it.

The weather is taunting me, giving the first nice and proper days all summer, just when I’m restricted to the house and cooped up inside, unable to take advantage of them. It’s now the 5th of August, and I haven’t been to the beach yet. For someone that lives only a few miles from it, that’s ridiculous – it’s virtually the opposite of last summer. My only hope is to try and maintain a healthy tan that’s better than my sister’s, just to annoy her.

My long insideness has meant me spending long amounts of time wondering what to do. I should be more productive, but I don’t really care. Zelda is engrossing, and when I’m not playing that I’m Photoshopping pictures that friends have taken when they’re at the beach. You cannot escape me, bwahaha*cough*. Actually, I’m being rather mean and applying make-up to one of my friends rather a lot, resulting in a battle between me uploading the ‘shopped pictures and him deleting them from the communal Photobucket. I guess I ought to be careful; I’ve already got a bit of a reputation with my friends with Photoshop, so I guess I shouldn’t take it too far, but boredom is a great motivator, and some of the photos are just so ridiculously tempting for Photoshop.

You may have guessed from my Flickr feed, but I do have a strong interest in photography, so it does annoy me not being able to get out and take some photos. I’ve also got my eye on a new lens for my camera, but that’s about £500, so will have to wait for the magic money fairy or something. I was relying on getting a job this summer, but I guess I’ve become one of the least employable 16 year olds on the island now. Even if I wasn’t going off to Southampton every 3 weeks, I doubt anyone would want to employ someone that’s prone to collapsing and convulsing all over the place.

I had a bit of a disappointment recently when updating my Twitter feed thing. “Happy after 5th chemo is over” I wrote, giddy with relief. Of course, there was a snag: it was only my 4th chemo that was over, which I realised fairly soon afterwards with an “Oh. Shit.”

The jimmyteenstv project hasn’t taken off in the way that I’d hoped: it just seems a logistical nightmare. For the band music video thing, I had grand ideas of green screens and fancy video effects, but it’s just not proving practical. I mean, we need to learn a song so that it’s really good first, then find somewhere to shoot it…transporting a drum kit is no mean feat. Green screens and stuff have gone out the window I think – after reading a tutorial on how to best get it done, the first line being something like “First, you need to make sure your studio is set up correctly,” I reconsidered. We’ve actually barely had time anyway – I’ve got to go back to Southampton soon for GFRs and stem cell harvests and all sorts of crap – no idea when, but I know it’s in the next couple of weeks.

So the summer holidays, instead of being a time of beaches and barbeques, have just been periods of chemo/tests/epilepsy interspersed with periods of relaxing at home (or relaxing interspersed with the medical stuff; it depends on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist). I would get angry about that, and I must admit I do envy my friends when I see photos of them all enjoying themselves on the beach, but I’ve come to accept that that just isn’t possible for me now. It sucks, but as they say, faeces occurs.

5 thoughts on “Rawr, update

  1. I can’t help but feel slightly like a bit of a complete fucking dick 🙁 – Sorry.

  2. Well I’m pretty sure you already know my opinion because I have told you loads about how much I wish we could meet up.
    It’s so unfair.
    I do feel bad that you can’t be with us and I don’t tell you about all the times we hang out so I’m not rubbing it in your face or anything.
    We haven’t even done a lot this summer to be honest.

  3. Haha, sorry, I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad or anything, just updating the blog. Don’t feel bad; it’s not your fault, just one of those things.

  4. Hey Adam,

    your blog is good-sorry to hear your struggling with the jimmy teens stuff, can you do a video diary or something like that to start with then we’ll see if the music video can be sorted. I’ll see you when you’re next in southampton. Lizzie (Youth worker at the hospital)

  5. Hi its Mark from Jimmyteenstv, good blog, how ya doin with the filming , have ya got up and runing yet? when do you think you will be up for shooting music vid? did you talk to the band about it? ya got my email let me no.

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