“Everyone needs a hobby.”

“What’s yours?”

Yes, it’s me. Back. From the dead. Again.

This time, though, I’ve slightly more of a reason for actually attempting to make contact with the outside world. It was 5 years yesterday two days ago (I write late at night) that I had the surgery at Stanmore Royal Orthopoedic Hospital to fix my leg, and “5 years” is an important milestone for any recovering cancer patient.

After my echocardiogram turned out normal,
(Ultrasound scan on the heart. Radiologist whips out ultrasound probe and gel.
Me: I’m not pregnant.
Radiologist: ಠ_ಠ
Me: ಠnಠ)
I was basically told by my oncologist to piss off, as he wasn’t particularly interested in seeing me after five years post-chemo without incident.

But five, being one of those arbitrarily round numbers, seems like a good number of years to reflect. So I present to you, in this auspicious year, a collection of pictures that was inconspicuously and candidly taken by my mum with her old phone, and through the wonders of technology and careful archiving I can present now. One day at a time, of course.

So, without further ado, my previously unpublished pictorial neoplastic proliferation. (Hey, I have an alliteration reputation to keep up.)

In bed at Stanmore.

Stanmore for the biopsy. I didn’t even think I had bloody cancer then.

2 thoughts on ““Everyone needs a hobby.”

  1. Wow, 5 years. Where are you and what are you doing with your life? I know that I’ve just appeared out of nowhere, and should probably be able to write something more literary and profound after 3 years of English Lit…It would be genuinely great to hear from you so please get in touch. (I could have just messaged you on Facebook, but that’s not as fun as getting a blog comment, right?)

  2. Adam, saw from Alex’s fb that you had posted on your blog and what a fantastic post. Excellent news. Big hugs even though you may not want them.

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