…Our work is never over

It’s been well over a year since there’s been any activity on this blog. Well over a year. That’s decades in Internet-time: the blog’s old, defunct and forming detritus. It creaks and groans as it strains to emerge from its reverie, new material grinding and choking, gears jamming with the accumulated years of the dust of neglect.

And for what? Like a duck’s quack, its voice echoes around its empty auditorium, even though it isn’t supposed to. Truly, if there were anything “dead” on the Internet, you are reading its pages.

But I didn’t pass my first year of university dead. I was “dead-on” the Maths pass mark (no more, no less); “dead-wrong” about doing one-too-many questions in the Pharmacology exam, and “dead-cool” about my Caixa snare wires breaking during my Samba band’s performance in the summer ball, but never was I dead. (Though it would solve a lot of my problems.)

I went to the wedding of a devoutly Christian friend, whom I met at University, in the summer. It’s no secret that I hold religion in no higher regard than I hold several-week-old milk (hold at arm’s length; hold nose), however the reason I mention this is not that I’m desperate for you to know what I got up to over the summer. If I did, I’d have a Twitter account. No, the reason I mention it is because religions, in general, have odd views about death. Whether it’s ascension or rebirth, I don’t subscribe to any of that bullshit, but the idea of my blog becoming some loner’s Twitter account repulses me.

So, while I’m paying less for my web hosting package, I’m on more drugs, and the second year of university will certainly require me to work it harder, I’ll endeavour to make it better and do it faster. I can only get stronger than I am now.

Daft Hands

Edit: Aforementioned video is here.